Dan “Nuge” Nguyen is a self-taught sculptor working with wood.

Born in Saskatchewan, Canada, raised in Boston, Massachusetts and living in California since 2012, he transitioned from architecture to pursuing a career in the arts.

Nuge began his professional art career in 2016 and has explored a discipline that has expressly been a rebellion to his hard-lined architectural background. A theme that is present in all his works present a juxtaposition of heavy materials contrasted with light aesthetics, rigid and organic. These relationships bring a new, contemporary appreciation to a material that is normally used in traditional settings.

"I create organic forms out of wood - Nuge said - that are in stark contrast to the hard lines and rigid nature of architecture. My work is about flow, energy, and human connection. It is because of these elements that I have a heavy emphasis for creating everything by hand."

"In a world where technology is integrated into every part of our lives feeding us instant gratification, - the artist explains, - there is a beauty to being able to produce something heartfelt with my hands. This method requires enormous patience but also allows me to revisit my work daily. I massage the surface into place in a way that could not be experienced behind a computer screen. The energy can be felt when my soul is poured into my work."