Jeremy Brown is a multimedia artist; whose idea revolves around discovering the balance between chaos and order. His compositions interact with a context, form, material, and color.

The artist emerged into the contemporary art world in 2015 with the debut of his first exhibition ‘Love Marks The Spot’ in Atlanta.

His unconventional use and experimentation with UV resin resulted into a three-dimensional surface with a sense of depth and natural shadows.

Brown's aesthetic can be identified for layering and isolation of raw abstract markings, splatters of paint, pure lines, color, and use of text. Such complexity is asking for closer exploration that leads viewer's eye to inspect every inch of the painting, constantly discovering new details.

As the artist explains himself, "life is complex, multi-layered, and I want my art to represent that. At the end of the day, my craft is my passion. I paint because I enjoy creating, and I want to create works of art that captivate, entertain and inspire the viewer while developing a unique style and process that maintains a high quality of products and materials.”