2Alas is a prolific street art duo, consisting of Andrew Antonaccio & Filio Galvez.

The two are known for their black and white linear portraits, in which color appears occasionally, usually taking on abstract forms.

2Alas’s main focus is creating work that focuses on the juxtaposition of conventional aesthetics and the digital medium.

There really is no talking about the art of Andrew Antonaccio without talking about Filio Galvez - and vice versa - as the two have been working under the name of 2Alias for quite some time now.

This street art collective comprised of two urban painters is mainly concerned with creating unique portraits and colored geometric abstractions.

Miami serves the role of their endless canvas, but Andrew Antonaccio is originally from New York City. However, while many of their brilliant murals can be found in South Florida, 2Alas is fond of traveling and painting all over the world - Andrew Antonaccio and Filio Galvez painted in places such as Italy, Switzerland, Montreal, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic and Cuba.