Alberto José Sanchez was born in 1979 in Caracas, Venezuela, where he grew up.

While showing much interest in painting and other plastic arts since an early age, he attended the Metropolitan University of Venezuela and graduated with a degree in Business in 2003.

During his studies, he maintained his contact with the artistic world. 

His passion for art led him years later to study contemporary art at the Metropolitan University.

As a young artist, Alberto started experimenting with different techniques and materials. He was particularly interested in kinetic art; he explored this art form extensively. The main source of inspiration for this period was Carlos Cruz-Diez, whom Alberto would  meet and visit at his Art Studio in Paris, France many years later.

In 2007 Alberto began to develop pieces with an optical abstract-geometric character.

His pieces are based on bi-dimensional geometric figures, which suggest and generate tri-dimensional formations as a result of the use of contrasting colors and shadows.  

In 2017, Alberto received the Second Place Award from the Madi Dallas Museum at the Biennial of Geometric Art.