Modern and Contemporary Art Gallery based in Miami. Our current program includes emerging, critically recognized mid-career and established international artists. Recently the Gallery has extended the collection with the acquisition of blue-chip and secondary market works.

Oliver, founder and chief curator of Oliver Cole Gallery, has been involved in the art industry for the past 34 years. In 1996, after receiving a Master Degree in Fine Art and becoming the recipient of the prestigious Traveling School Award from the prominent Ivy League School in Boston, he moved to New York City where he spent the next eight years working on various curatorial projects and eventually moving to Miami and opening his first gallery in 2004. Since then he opened 3 additional galleries, including Oliver Cole Gallery in 2015.

Today, Oliver Cole Gallery is fully dedicated to bringing only the best of modern and contemporary works to a distinguished and dedicated collector.

301 NW 28th street
Miami, FL 33127


Open Monday to Saturday from 10 am to 5 pm.
Sunday by appointment.