Mister E

Mister E, born in 1987, is the Miami based artist known for his colossal & colorful interpretation of US currency. Through his diverse body of work, Mister E provokes viewers to think about money in a totally different way than ever before. His colorful painting of the 2009 series $100 bill titles "Benny Jr.", has quickly become recognized internationally. As his work has evolved, he has changed the way in which people view money. His goal is to take away the evil connotation that most associate with money, and instead use it as a symbol for motivation, inspiration & freedom. His paintings are collected by celebrities such as Floyd Mayweather Jr., Miley Cyrus, Lionel Richie, Scott Disick & Adam Sandler. They have been seen on television networks including CNBC, SHOWTIME, and Bravo. He has created activations for ULTRA Music Festival, Burning Man, and Coachella. In 2016 Billboard #1 recording artist D.R.A.M. featured Mister E's Benny Jr.'s in his music video for "Cash Machine". D.R.A.M is not alone, in 2017 Lil Wayne and Roy Demeo featured the Benny Jr.'s once again in their music video for "Chico”. Mister E's work has become largely popular amongst many institutional art collections, most notably in the real estate and financial worlds and most importantly his artwork has helped raise money and become a symbol of charity for many well known organizations. Such as Kindness 365, Chatter For Charity, St. Luries Hospital. Mister E's studio cleverly dubbed The FactorE, is a massive 10,000 sq. ft. warehouse filled with exotic cars, movie room, billiards table, and of course the giant box of stuffed animals that you can jump in from the second story(if you sign a waiver of course). For Art Basel MIAMI 2016, Mister E took over a 25,000 sq. ft. truck repair shop in Wynwood and turned it into one of the most visited shows of the week. The show titled, "GOLDBASEL" had a mixture of banknotes and gold gilded objects, all centered around the original $100 banknote encapsulated in 100lbs of Lucite and protected 24/7 by armed guards. This $100 bill was used as the foundation for his entire body of work, serial number LF48900987 B. It is currently for sale for $500,000 (buyer subject to approval by E himself)