Bambi, born circa 1982, is the pseudonym of a contemporary British street artist. Known for her stenciled graffiti works, Bambi employs representational imagery to offer social commentary and address political concerns, often through the depiction of notable contemporary figures such as artist Ai Weiwei or football star David Beckham, among others. Her work focuses on contemporary female identity and its relationship to patriarchal culture, as well as the commodification of the art world and various political injustices. An active graffiti artist in the Islington neighborhood of London, Bambi’s work is just as likely to adorn city streets as it is the walls of her celebrity collectors, which include the likes of Rihanna, Brad Pitt, and Adele. Though little is known about this anonymous artist, she graduated with an MA from Saint Martin’s College and continues to live and work in London, England.